Thursday, February 2, 2012

Date # 19

(#19) Try out a new restaurant. 

We have been wanting to try out this little Mexican  restaurant downtown forever! It is called 

Taqueria Los Jarritos. I am glad, no, I am so glad we tried it out.  It was once of the best

dining out experiences I have ever had!

I guess I expected the inside to be a little different. 
You know,  the kind of place where they sit you down and they give you a basket full of chips.
Then a nice waitress rushes to your side before you have a chance to open the menu and she leaves for what seems like hours before she comes back to get your order?
We walked in and there was a menu board and a happy little man standing next to the register. 
I ordered a "Wet Verde Burrito "
Our food got to us in record breaking speed. 

It was the best enchilada I have ever had. 
In my whole life.

5 Stars !

Coming back home. 
What a good date it was. 

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