Thursday, February 16, 2012

Being a Teacher

This is what being a weekend teacher 
Looks like during the week Of ValentinEs day. 

Glitter hearts from their last teacher's project pinned on the wall

Love is in the air

Things pinned on our board

"Aaron's Staff" and  "Children of Light" Projects.
The Lanterns they used were actually the ones we used for our wedding. 
I thought instead of them sitting in a closet somewhere, maybe the kids would enjoy them. It was a really fun project. 
Here they were. I had the bridesmaid and groomsmen carry them up to the isle and set them 
down in a path leading up to the front and center. .... I really could not have had a better wedding.

It was such a wonderful day. 

Anyway, I am getting side tracked with wedding pictures!
Back to the kids... hehee

Exchanging Valentines.
One of the girls in a younger class came running in, to give one of our boys a card. 
He slowly read/pronounced the words "You make me want to dance" which was printed on the card.
Then shot the most squeemish look to me like NO! I DON'T LIKE GIRLS! Hahhaaha

So here is a look into my little class! 

Let us pretend you can't tell the teachers collar necklaces from the 6 year old's. ;D
Man, I love those guys.

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